Why King Charles was ‘annoyed’ and ‘upset’ at Scottish coronation

Why King Charles panicked and fussed at the Scottish coronation

In the midst of the Scottish coronation, King Charles III lost his patience.

The monarch, who attended the event with Prince William, Queen Camilla and Kate Middleton, showed signs of ‘impatience’ upon arrival at the cathedral.

Body language expert Judy James told the Mirror: “It appeared to be a more relaxed ceremony for Charles, who shared the spotlight almost equally with Camilla, William and Kate, meaning their body language showed signs of tension and anxiety.” Displayed few running signals, his actual coronation took place and he flashed a warm, giggling smile most of the time.

“This time, however, he appeared to fuss and fret over Camilla, and when he dropped the smile and adopted his characteristic wary posture with furrowed brows, it was only when he was about to see her go in and out safely.” Worriedly turning back to move towards his car or towards his seat, he also used some of the rapid hand-waving gestures that indicate royal impatience.

She concluded: “His concern seemed justified as Camilla seemed nervous. Unlike Kate, she didn’t have the ability to feign calmness during the service and the incessant patting of her hair or the white petal of her hat was self-deprecating.” There were probing rituals that indicated ongoing internal anxiety.”


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