WATCH: Ivanka Trump spreads wings, learns how to fly helicopter

Ivanka Trump, former adviser and daughter of US ex-president Donald Trump was spotted learning how to fly a helicopter to make her thrilling vacation with her husband Jared Kushner even more exciting.

Ivanka Trump uploaded a video on her Instagram account in which she can be seen smiling while controlling the helicopter with one hand. It appears that she is enjoying the new skill with her sunglasses on with a smile on her face.

Her post was captioned: “Learning to fly”

Ivanka has been busy enjoying her time with family and friends in some of the hottest summer destinations, including Greece, Spain and Costa Rica.

“During the pandemic, I reread The Odyssey and fell in love [with] Homer’s epic poem once again,” she wrote in her separate Instagram post that showed her in the Parthenon.

“Walking in the footsteps of Odysseus these past few days has been an extraordinary experience — ancient ruins and mythical landscapes came alive before my eyes as I explored this breathtaking country.”

She was also spotted in Spain, with Jared Kushner, joined by David Guetta for some parties and on a midday hangout in a luxurious yacht.

Since Donald Trump’s presidential term ended in the Oval Office in 2021, his daughter Ivanka has been consistently endeavouring to distance herself from her father’s political activities.

When her father was the president, she and her husband Jared Kushner were repeatedly seen with him on foreign trips and official visits. Now she opted to keep her focus on her husband and business career.

Kushner is also doing the same as they both testified before the House Select Committee probing the January 6 riots where thousands of Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill to overturn the presidential elections.

The couple was also not present when the 76-year-old former president announced his 2024 election bid in November last year.

However, according to a legal analyst, it is believed that it may be too late for Ivanka to distance herself from her father and family problems.

She had also been named as a defendant in New York State Attorney General Letitia James’s $250 million fraud case against the Trump Organisation.


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