WATCH: Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts after nearly two-months hiatus

This video shows the Kilauea volcano eruptions in Hawaii.

Hawaii’s Kilauea, which is considered one of the most active volcanoes globally, began erupting again on Sunday after a hiatus of two months and is displaying bright, glowing lava in a national park on Hawaii’s Big Island.

The eruption according to Hawaii Volcano Observatory commenced in the afternoon at Kilauea’s summit, which is situated at a safe distance from inhabited areas and structures.

The observatory issued a warning following the eruption that volcanic smog, or “vog,” would be produced downwind of Kilauea.

Residents living close to the park have been advised to take precautions to protect themselves from volcanic particles released into the atmosphere by the eruption.

The aviation colour code has been changed to red, and the volcano’s alert level has been raised to warning status, Mint reported.

The USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory also noticed a glow in the webcam photographs on January 5, 2023, signalling the beginning of an eruption in Halema crater, which is situated in Kilauea’s summit caldera and is part of Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park.

The recent short-lived eruption in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, spanning three months and ending on March 7, 2023, was a significant departure from the previous two brief eruptions that occurred from June 7 to June 19, in the Halema crater causing significant crowds to witness the lava.

Kilauea, Hawaii’s second-largest volcano, previously erupted from September 2021 to December 2022, causing over 700 home destruction in 2018.

A continuous laser rangefinder was installed on the western rim of Halema crater in Volcanoes National Park on January 8, 2021, under a National Park Service permit.

Utilising the lava surface’s ability to reflect light, the sensor runs autonomously and delivers real-time readings of the elevation of the lava lake.


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