WATCH: Columbian man proposes girlfriend after bizarre gunpoint robbery stunt

Columbian man proposing his girlfriend after staging gunpoint robbery goes viral surprising netizens

A Columbian man staged a fake gunpoint robbery before proposing to his lover in the middle of the street, as captured in an Instagram video of the incident that has gone viral. 

When the video first starts, it shows a red car approaching an intersection. Suddenly, a pedestrian and two males riding motorcycles get in the way of the car. One of the men raises what appears to be a concealed weapon at the woman as they demand that the pair inside the car come out. Then, with the woman in front of him, two gang members push the man to his knees, according to NDTV.

The males suddenly stop yelling, and to the sound of applause, the kneeling man pops the question to his girlfriend. The woman playfully smacks him repeatedly after discovering it’s a joke while he places the ring on her finger. His accomplices applaud as the pair celebrates their engagement with an embrace and kiss.

Some found amusement in the clever practical joke, while others questioned the young man’s reasoning for pulling off such a brilliant move.

“You have to love someone wholeheartedly to be with them in health and sickness, in kidnappings or robberies,” one user joked. Another wrote: “He almost gave the girl a heart attack, and he would have been left without a girlfriend.”

A third user commented: “She took it so casually that I don’t know whether to worry about the country’s situation or think it’s fake.”

A fourth added: “How sad it is to have violence and insecurity so normalised.” 


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