US mother holds HIV-positive man at gunpoint for raping her 12-year-old daughter

A woman holding a gun. — AFP/File
A woman holding a gun. — AFP/File

An Oklahoma mother held a man, who is an HIV-positive sports coach, at gunpoint after she found him raping her 12-year-old minor daughter at her home.

This month, after her mother discovered the evidence in her Oklahoma City home, the 12-year-old girl went to detectives and said, “He raped me,” according to the Kansas City Star.

Donovan Scott Sheppard, 39, was picked up by the girl’s mother, whom he was living with at the time, after getting into a pub brawl on January 13, according to the police.

When Sheppard and the mother arrived, the little child was asleep in the house, and the mother quickly went to bed, according to KFOR, which cited an affidavit.

Donovan Sheppard gestures in a US jail. — Cleveland County Sheriff
Donovan Sheppard gestures in a US jail. — Cleveland County Sheriff

Reports state that when the mother, who was first only identified as an adult female residing in the house, awoke, she quickly saw Sheppard raping her daughter.

When police arrived at the house, they discovered the mother had Sheppard under gun control.

According to the Kansas City Star, Sheppard has been coaching young baseball for the Oklahoma Aftermath squad for several years. 

Investigators noted in the criminal complaint that he was not using a condom when he raped the girl, and he reportedly revealed to authorities that he was HIV positive.

The child told detectives that she had been raped by Sheppard six other times since she was eleven years old and that this was not the first time. 

Police stated that Sheppard reportedly raped the girl when she was twelve years old as part of one of the assaults.

Based on inmate records that Fox News Digital examined, Sheppard was taken into custody and is being held at the Cleveland County Jail on a $500,000 bond. 

Numerous allegations were brought against him, including exposing others to AIDS, making lewd or indecent suggestions or acts towards a child, committing a pattern of criminal offences, first-degree rape, and rape by instruments.


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