Taylor Swift fans slam Olivia Rodrigo, speculate ‘The Grudge’ targets Swift

Taylor Swift fans slam Olivia Rodrigo, speculate ‘The Grudge’ targets Swift

Taylor Swift fans, often referred to as Swifties, have expressed criticism towards Olivia Rodrigo, speculating that her latest song, The Grudge, may be directed at Taylor Swift.

Swifties speculated that the latest album “Guts” by Olivia takes a dig at their favourite pop star. The lyrics of Rodrigo’s single The Grudge are said to be a reflection of her bad relationship with Taylor. 

The lyrics flow: “I have nightmares each week bout that Friday in May, one phone call from you, and my entire world was changed. Ooh, your flowers filled with vitriol; you built me up to watch me fall. You have everything, and you still want more.”

According to Fox News, Swifties slammed the singer as one of them took to X, formerly Twitter, to express their outrage, saying, “The grudge is so about Taylor, I’d put my life on it.” Another netizen wrote, “So we’re just ignoring that the grudge is most definitely about Taylor. I will not be streaming Miss Olivia.”

A third fan also put forward his theory about The Grudge, saying, “I’m not trying to put women against each other, but maybe… and I’m just saying MAYBE The Grudge by Olivia Rodrigo is about Taylor Swift.”

The feud between pop stars surfaced when Olivia expressed surprise over people thinking that her track Vampire was about Taylor Swift.

Olivia said, “I think it’s better to not pigeonhole a song to bring about this one thing.”


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