Spice Girls reunion is Victoria Beckham’s ‘worst nightmare,’ claims insider

Spice Girls reunion is Victoria Beckhams ‘worst nightmare, claims insider
Spice Girls reunion is Victoria Beckham’s ‘worst nightmare,’ claims insider 

Victoria Beckham reportedly has no interest in joining her former Spice Girls bandmates for a reunion now that she has built a name in the fashion industry.

An insider told Heat Magazine that the ongoing rumours about her rejoining the group has left the singer-turned-fashion-designer furious as she feels her name is being used as “leverage.”

The source said singing “teenage-girls” songs with Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, Mel B, and Mel C, on-stage is Victoria’s “worst nightmare” and she isn’t interested in any reunion.

Speculations about Victoria rejoining the girl gang has been around for some time now but recently Mel B claimed that all five girls are planning on “doing something together as the Spice Girls.”

“It’s always been me championing everybody together, but this time it was actually Victoria,” she added.

Debunking all such rumours, the insider said, “The reunion was never a maybe, it was always a firm no,” adding, “Vic has made it very clear that she’s not interested in any Spice Girls plans.”

“There’s such a chasm between Vic and the rest of the group, because all the other Spice Girls still love performing, whereas it’s Vic’s worst nightmare.

“She found it all very meaningless, especially now she’s really found her niche with her make-up, fashion and Brand Beckham empire,” the source added.

The source said Victoria doesn’t consider herself a “singer anymore” and “has no desire to be onstage” now that she is a “successful businesswoman with a hectic family life.”

“Vic feels there’s a boundary being pushed and she’s very close to losing it,” the source said of the ongoing rumours regarding the girls’ reunion. 


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