Seven terrorists gunned down in Zhob IBO: ISPR

Pakistan Army soldiers are alert in case of any suspicious behaviour. —AFP
Pakistan Army soldiers are alert in case of any suspicious behaviour. —AFP
  • Troops effectively surrounded, engaged fleeing terrorists.
  • Sanitisation operation being carried out to eliminate terrorists: ISPR.
  • Security forces determined to eliminate menace of terrorism, it says.

RAWALPINDI: Security forces on Monday eliminated seven terrorists in Sambaza Sector, Zhob district, near the Pakistan-Afghan border in Balochistan, the military’s media wing reported.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said the fire exchange took place during an intelligence-based operation.

“Own troops effectively surrounded and engaged the fleeing terrorists. Resultantly, seven terrorists were sent to hell who remained actively involved in terrorist activities against security forces as well as killing of innocent civilians,” the ISPR said adding that arms, ammunition and explosives were also recovered from the killed terrorists.

The media wing said a sanitisation operation was being carried out to eliminate any other terrorists present in the area. Security forces of Pakistan were determined to eliminate the menace of terrorism, it further said.

In 2023, Pakistan witnessed 1,524 violence-related fatalities and 1463 injuries from as many as 789 terror attacks and counter-terror operations.

According to Annual Security Report released by Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) released last month includes nearly 1000 fatalities among civilians and security forces personnel.

The overall fatalities including those of outlaws mark a record 6-year high, exceeding the 2018 level and highest since 2017. Moreover, the country saw a surge in violence for the third consecutive year with an uptick recorded each year beginning from 2021.


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