Sarah Ferguson breaks silence on King Charles cancer diagnosis

Sarah Ferguson joined King Charles and the royal family on Christmas for first times in 30 years

Sarah Ferguson breaks silence on King Charles cancer diagnosis

Prince Andrew’s former wife Sarah Ferguson has shared her first public statement regarding King Charles cancer diagnosis, urging the monarch to “keep fighting.”

Princess Eugenie and Beatrice mother was speaking at the Cancer Alliance of Help and Hope’s charity event in Palm Beach, Florida.

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During her moving speech, Sarah shared a touching tribute to King Charles.

The Duchess of York said: “I want to thank you all for your kindness in supporting my family members who are going through a hard time, and we wish everyone well, every family in the world, that has been diagnosed or who is going through a difficult time we wish them well.”

According to the GB News, she continued, “And of course, my brother-in-law [King Charles], we wish you well, keep fighting on.”

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Sarah, who has also been diagnosed with a form of skin cancer recently went on saying, “For anyone who’s suffering from low hope, for anyone who believes they can’t do this, they can, it’s absolute nonsense.”


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