Prince Harry’s risking ‘complete’ isolation once Prince William’s king

Prince Harry is at risk of being totally frozen out once Prince William becomes King

Prince Harrys risking ‘complete isolation once Prince Williams king
Prince Harry’s risking ‘complete’ isolation once Prince William’s king

Prince Harry has just been warned about an impending future that risks him becoming totally frozen out.

All of this has been brought to light by royal commentator Maureen Callahan.

She weighed in on things in one of her pieces for the Daily Mail.

In that piece she touched on the Duke’s visit to the UK following King Charles’ diagnosis.

According to Ms Callahan, “William has made it clear that there is no hope of reconciliation. Their father’s diagnosis will not move the needle.”

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Not even “Once William takes the throne,” because in that instance “this will be Harry’s future: Total and complete severance from the royal family.”

“William must be hurting too, not just for his sick father but from the loss of his only sibling, the only other person who knows their specific, unique upbringing.”

“Does Harry get it now? The sheer emotional carnage he’s left behind?”

“Charles was magnanimous to hold a meeting with his son and allow the media to report on it.”

“Harry, after all, wrote of his death fantasy against Charles in ‘Spare’, of remotely piloting a fighter jet and targeting his father after a visit some years back — a visit that left Harry, as he wrote, overjoyed.”


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