Prince Harry’s ‘micro-managed’ shrill demands are falling on deaf ears

Prince Harry has just been warned that his shrill demands are falling on deaf ears.

Claims about everything have been shared by royal commentator Jan Moir.

She touched on it all in a piece for the Daily Mail.

In the piece she touched on Prince Harry’s visit to the UK and wondered, “So, was it all of this or none of this?”

“Did love manage to manifest itself in this grisly, desperate, micro-managed scenario?” when Prince Harry decided to jet to the UK.

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“I hope it did, even if no one could expect the King and Queen to entirely overlook the terrible things Prince Harry has said and written about them over the past few years.”

Because “while every fractured family harbour grudges, Harry’s shrill demands for public accountability from his nearest and not so dearest have been met with a deafening silence,” she added before signing off. 


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