Prince Harry’s fighting ‘national attitudinal resistance’ from ‘all sides’

Experts believe Prince Harry has chosen to move to a country that doesn’t even ‘offer breathing room’ to its stars and celebrities.

Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser weighed in on everything.

She broke it all down in one of her pieces for

In it she said, “What is remarkable is how few images have ever gone into circulation of la famille Wales off-duty and taken by the smartphone-wielding masses,” when compared to Prince Harry at the Beyonce concert.

In reference to this Ms Elser also added, “The answer to this, why we are not daily treated to photos of William dragging Charlotte’s hockey kit out of the back of their Audi station wagon at the school gates or Kate dashing through the self-service check-outs with a loaf of Mother’s Pride, is the attitude of Brits to the royal family”.

Perhaps even “a willingness to give them breathing room and personal space; some sort of national attitudinal resistance to bothering them or being pesky; and an underlying, fundamental belief that they deserve to be left alone.”

But “in the US? Huh! I’d wager we are more likely to see the introduction of compulsory voting before this ever becomes a thing.”


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