Prince Harry to bring up ‘painful memories’ with new £3m book

Prince Harry has opted for a cathartic move with new business venture.

The Duke of Sussex has reportedly invested £3m on novel Meet Me At The Lake by Carley Fortune.

investment in the book is a way for the Prince to seek catharsis, says senior therapist and relationship expert Sally Baker.

Sally tells Mirror US that the book “is not Harry’s story and hopefully offers some distance for him from his reality of having lost his own beloved mother in similar circumstances”, she added

She went on: “Creating an artistic response to tragedy is a way of transforming grief. However, depending on how closely he’s required to work on this project it is also likely to stir up profoundly painful memories and emotions for Harry too.”

Sally then notes that Harry will need “immense courage and vulnerability to revisit such deep grief”, she add: “for which I think he still holds unresolved trauma and sadness”. 


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