Prince Harry issues new warning ahead of his trip to Africa

Prince Harry issues new warning ahead of his trip to Africa

Prince Harry, who is said to be planning a trip to Africa, has been warned that his solo trip could put a ‘strain’ on his five-year marriage to Meghan Markle.

A relationship expert has claimed the Duke of Sussex’s trip to Africa without Meghan amid divorce rumors could affect his relationship with his wife or “unveil hidden forces”.

Harry, the youngest son of King Charles III, is set to travel alone to Africa to film a documentary for Netflix.

Harry reportedly wants to “find himself” on the trip – without his wife and the mother of his children. It comes amid reports that Harry and Meghan are going through a tough time due to financial pressure.

And as the couple faces rumors of a “divorce” and “rift”, working on the body senior therapist and relationship expert Sally Baker has said it could either put a “strain” on their marriage, or “reveal hidden forces”.

Sally told The Mirror US: “It’s natural that major life events and outside circumstances can have a profound impact on a marriage, for better or worse. A solo trip like Prince Harry’s to Africa could potentially put a strain on a relationship, especially with divorce rumors circulating.”

He added: “However, hardship can also reveal hidden strengths and ultimately bring couples closer. With effort and commitment, time apart can provide perspective and appreciation.”

“There are too many factors here that outsiders may not easily understand. I think it is discourteous to discuss or speculate about a possible marital breakdown between Harry and Meghan, which would be truly hurtful to them and their young children.”

The expert concluded: “My hope is that they have a thoughtful plan to reconnect and are able to communicate through any challenges that may arise. Relationships are complex, and it’s important that we respond with compassion.”

There have been reports Meghan and Harry are “spending time apart”, with the source saying the Duke of Sussex “doesn’t fit into Meghan’s difficult Tinseltown world”.


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