Prince Harry has ‘horribly trapped’ Archie & Lilibet : ‘May be bullied’

Prince Harry has just been put on blast for making decisions that will cause his children to feel ‘horribly trapped’ in the US, reportedly.

These allegations against the Duke of Sussex for his most recent decisions have been shared by royal author Tom Quinn.

his admissions were shared during an interview with Express UK.

In the midst of this chat he posed shocking possibilities, from trappings to bullying, that the duo could face.

“I can imagine Lilibet and Archie are going to get teased at school, possibly bullied, because people say, ‘Oh, you’re a prince and princess’.”

This is mainly because Mr Quinn believes Americans, in particular, aren’t keep on the concept of inherited privilege.

He also posed a shocking comparison between Archie’s future and that of King Charles.

According to Mr Quinn, “When Charles went to Gordonstoun [boarding school], at first he thought he would be treated with respect because he was the heir to the throne. In fact, that meant he was bullied far more than the other boys.”


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