Prince Harry goes through laptops like a ‘hot knife through butter’

Prince Harry’s 31-page witness statement has just been bashed for allegedly causing the royal to through MacBook’s like a ‘hot knife through organic locally-sourced butter’.

Jibes like these against the Duke of Sussex have been shared by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

The conversation arose once the expert started referencing Prince Harry’s antics from the past year, where he was dropping ‘daily bombs’ on the Royal Family.

At that point, he also took to the UK High Court to fight a phone hacking claim.

At the time he also referenced a 31-page witness statement that outlined shocking details of out-of-court settlements conducted by Prince William.

At the time he accused the public of being ‘brainwashed’ by the media, and even bashed leading media giants and tabloids for ‘weaponizing’ his mental health, with hopes of a “total and very public breakdown.”

“This is of course just one of the three witness statements Harry has penned of late,” Ms Elser said.

She also went on to note, “Between these and the original 800-page draft of Spare, Harry must be running through Macbooks like a hot knife through organic locally-sourced butter.”

“Which brings us to today, and that line, that first, that milestone I mentioned. What Friday’s ruling represents is the first time that a credible person has stood up and essentially called into question some of Harry’s account of events.”

Ms Elser also laid out her reasoning for this and said, “Because for year upon year now, all we have gotten is Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex’s truth.”

Before concluding she also said, “We have gotten their truth via TV interviews, print interviews, podcasts and six hours of soft-lit small-screen emoting. At this stage, the only medium left for them to share their journey is interpretative dance. (Heaven help us all).”


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