Prince Albert of Monaco’s son opens up about his royal life

Alexandre Grimaldi, the son of Prince Albert of Monaco opens up about his royal life.
Alexandre Grimaldi, the son of Prince Albert of Monaco opens up about his royal life.

Alexandre Grimaldi, the son of Prince Albert of Monaco, has candidly shared insights into his serene upbringing and his vision for the future. 

As he approaches his 20th birthday, Alexandre describes his childhood with adoring and benevolent parents, highlighting the privileged and harmonious environment in which he was raised.

Currently pursuing a degree in business management at a prestigious English university, Alexandre presents himself as a young man on the cusp of making pivotal life choices. 

In an exclusive interview with French magazine Point de Vue, he expresses his gratitude for the loving and attentive care he has received from his parents, shaping him into a grounded and thoughtful individual. Alexandre’s focus is firmly set on completing his university studies, emphasising that this commitment takes precedence in his life at this juncture.

Discussing his potential role in Monaco’s future, Alexandre exhibits a touch of his father’s wit, responding, “I’m only 20. Let me get my diploma, and we’ll talk about it.” With an air of practicality, he acknowledges that one’s background and the company one keeps greatly influence the choices made.

Alexandre’s outlook extends beyond academia. He discloses a budding interest in engaging in charity work, driven by the values instilled in him by his education. Deeply concerned about climate and environmental issues, Alexandre joins the chorus of young voices advocating for the preservation of nature.

The interview also delves into Alexandre’s brief flirtation with the world of runway modeling. While the idea once held appeal, circumstances, including the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, led him to reconsider. However, he doesn’t entirely rule out involvement in the fashion industry, suggesting that becoming an ambassador for a prestigious brand could be a possibility in the future.

With his endearing candor, Alexandre touches upon personal anecdotes, revealing that his mother playfully encourages him to shed his distinctive braided hairstyle. Moreover, he asserts his legitimacy, clarifying that his father’s voluntary recognition is a testament to his rightful place within the family. 


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