PM Kakar urges US to engage with Pakistan in constructive manner

“Pakistan is a country of consequence, not a country of concern,” Kakar tells Biden administration

  • Pakistan mid-sized power, its role needs to be appreciated: PM Kakar.
  • PM stresses regional approach to deal with terrorism.
  • “The elections will lead towards stable government,” says Kakar.

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has called upon the Joe Biden-led US administration to acknowledge Pakistan’s role in global matters and constructively engage with the country.

PM Kakar stated this in an interview with CNBC on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday

When asked what is Pakistan’s message to the Biden administration ahead of the February 8 polls, the premier said: “Pakistan is a country of consequence, not a country of concern so we Pakistan should be constructively engaged.”

PM Kakar said Pakistan is a mid-sized power and its actual potential and role needs to be appreciated.

He said it is the need of the hour to recognise Pakistan’s role be it in the region or at the global stage.

Responding to a question, the caretaker prime minister emphasised the need for a regional approach to deal with the challenge of terrorism.

When asked about relations with China, PM Kakar said Pakistan enjoys strategically close relations with Beijing.

He said no matter what happens in the region or anywhere else, nothing can affect Pakistan’s relationship with China.

Elections to take place on time

During the interview, the caretaker PM reiterated that the general elections in Pakistan will take place on its scheduled time i.e. February 8.

Kakar said holding elections is a constitutional requirement and all institutions in the country are committed to that particular date.

He said the people of Pakistan will have a choice to exercise their right to vote and they will elect a government for the next five years.

“The elections will lead towards a stable government which will translate into economic stability,” he maintained.

When asked about the economic situation, the prime minister said that the IMF Executive Board has approved a second tranche of $700 million for Pakistan under the $3 billion Stand-By Agreement (SBA).

He said it has been a priority of the caretaker government to bring economic revival and focus on growth and other economic indicators.

“We will also publish a white paper on the four to five month’s performance of the caretaker government,” the interim premier said.

The prime minister said his interim government introduced a revamped programme within the taxation system and went on an aggressive privatisation spree and cut expenditures at the federal level.

He said Centre is also engaging with the provinces so that they can also rationalise their spending.


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