Paris Hilton unveils ‘superpower’ and upcoming season of her reality show

Paris Hilton unveils superpower and upcoming season of her reality show
Paris Hilton unveils ‘superpower’ and upcoming season of her reality show 

In an extensive cover interview with Us Weekly for its special edition, “The Entrepreneurs Issue,” Paris Hilton unveiled what she believes to be her superpower.  

The 42-year-old socialite graced the magazine’s cover wearing a soft pink sweater and adorned with sparkling jewelry. The headline, “Fame, Family & Doing It All,” accompanied her appearance.

The renowned DJ and reality TV star, who gained fame during the early 2000s, was posed with the question of how she has managed to sustain her prominent status in pop culture over the years. With a chuckle, Paris responded, “‘I can see into the future!”

Expanding on her response, she elaborated, “I’ve always been ahead of my time, whether it’s been reality TV, social media, fashion, music. Maybe it’s being an Aquarius — I don’t know! It’s just part of my superpower.”

Notably, Paris had recently shared vibrant images of herself donning a ‘Barbie pink’ bikini on Instagram.

Additionally, Paris divulged insights into the renewal of her reality show, “Paris In Love,” for a second season. The inaugural season had centered around her wedding preparations. 

She excitedly disclosed, “‘It’s launching later this year on Peacock! Season 1 was all about the wedding, and now it’s just [more] about this next phase in my life — being a new mom and Phoenix coming into this world. I’m really excited.”

Married in November 2021 in Los Angeles, Paris and Carter Reum, 42, joyfully declared the birth of their son, Phoenix, born via surrogacy, in January.


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