Pakistan football captain Hasan Bashir wants ‘more goals’ to win matches

Pakistan football captain Hasan Bashir wants more goals to win matches

Lahore: Pakistan football team’s Denmark-based captain and veteran striker Hasan Bashir has said that his team needs to improve its goal-scoring ability to win matches. news informed of.

“As a striker, I think we should focus on the offensive because we have scored just one goal in the last six games and I think that’s a shame,” Hasan told the publication in an interview.

“I expect a lot of myself. I know when I came into the team we had problems with goals in 2012 and 2013,” said Hasen, who plays for Tårnby FF, which plays in Denmark’s fourth-tier football league system, the Danmarks.

“When I joined with Muhammad Ali and the other half of the offensive, Kalimullah and Saddam Hussein, we started scoring goals. You know what we did earlier.”

“If you ask me, I think the biggest disappointment in the last six matches we played in Mauritius and India was our offensive performance,” said the football captain.

“We should have scored more goals but we didn’t have the quality against some of the teams,” he added.

“We were unlucky in some games. I should have scored against Djibouti, we should have scored against Nepal, we had a great chance against Nepal; we had a great chance against Kuwait.”

“I made some mistakes, the defenders made some mistakes, the midfielders made some mistakes, the coach made some mistakes and so did the goalkeepers. You know we are a team and we cannot blame any particular player for anything,” he added.

When asked about the failure of the goalkeepers in the four-nation series in Mauritius and the SAFF Cup in India, Hasan defended both Yusuf Butt and Saqib Hanif.

“I don’t agree on the football issue because both Yusuf Butt and Saqib Haneef are part of the team for the last ten years and they are the most experienced players.”

He said, “I think goalkeepers have a very difficult job, sometimes a very unfortunate job, they can have an amazing match and then they have a bad job and the media, fans and people talk about it.”

Hasan said, “I am very happy with the goalkeepers as I have been with them for the last ten years. They have saved us many times in the past and they will do so in future as well.”

Hasan said that the biggest lack of experience was in these last six matches.

“I think experience was our biggest lack in these six games. I was sent a few messages from journalists who told me that Nepal was the team that was mostly of our level.”

“They had about 600 international games in their team and we had 150 and about half of those were me, Yusuf Butt and Saqib Hanif. So it’s quite clear that we’re going to be in trouble.”

“I also hope that all the players in the team, especially the players who played in Pakistan, get some game time at the club level, I know the issues in Pakistan football,” he added.

“I think as per the past it is a huge thing that our players are playing in Pakistan, they don’t have game time and they are players with great quality, good players, highly talented but playing time, match experience is very important.”

“We lack that. That’s the bigger issue in my opinion. I hope they get to play some good club level football like we’ve done in the past in the Pakistan Premier League.”

Hasan said, “PFF is also working on bringing some players from abroad to play for Pakistan and inshallah I hope they will also come in the team and improve the quality.”

Hasan said that it is wrong to expect Pakistan’s victory on the recent tour of Mauritius and India.

He said, “First of all I don’t think we failed because you only fail when you have expectations. And to be honest, the media, the fans and everybody if they expected us to win I think they were wrong.”

“I’ve been with the team for a long time and I’m speaking with experience. You can’t stop football and then suddenly start, you collect some players and then expect us to win against countries with a better level.”

“I don’t think we failed badly but definitely we lost. All the players in the team are winners. According to our level, our quality, the quality of the opponents, I don’t think we failed,” he explained.

“I think we need consistency. We have a few games in September. We hope to play them in the same way. Of course we need consistency and it depends on our luck.”

“As far as the World Cup qualifiers are concerned, I hope we draw with such a team of our level. We can beat them inshallah. But to be honest, as far as I know Pakistan’s luck, we have been very unlucky because in my opinion we could draw against the toughest teams but for the World Cup qualifiers, hope for a good draw and consistency in the group,” he said.

Hasan dismissed the notion that the late inclusion of foreign players prevents the team from going ahead with any international assignments.

Hasan expressed hope that if they get good draws, they will be able to impress in the World Cup qualifiers this October.

“We’ve got to play as many matches as we can. There’s only one window and two games in September, and that’s as many as we can play and I hope we play in them.”


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