‘Nothing to do with reality,’ Firdous Ashiq says after viral house help ‘abuse’ video

  • Viral clip shows Awan saying that she “has slapped” woman.
  • Awan claims she has “neither tortured nor mistreated anyone”.
  • Ex-minister says baseless drama being set up to blackmail her.

Former federal minister Firdous Ashiq Awan has rubbished the claims about the recently surfaced video of her alleged mistreatment and abuse of domestic staff members, saying the matter isn’t as simple as it is being portrayed.

A video, showing furious Awan yelling at a woman and a man, seemingly the house helpers, during a quarrel in a house’s living room, has been making rounds on social media.

The federal minister, who is now the spokesperson of the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party, was heard saying in the clip that she “has slapped” the woman.

However, Awan, while talking to Geo News, rejected the claims about the video, saying she “neither tortured nor mistreated anyone”.

The minister claimed that it is an old video that involved a matter of “theft” instead of “abuse”.

“It has nothing to do with the reality; [it is] just hearsay,” she said, adding that a baseless drama was being set up against her.

“This is an old video [filmed at] the house of someone else who had called me for mediation over an issue of theft,” she said.

Awan said that first of all, the people bashing her should prove that the woman seen in the video was her house help.

“Bring the one forward who I tortured or mistreated.”

Awan said that it is a “criminal gang” that works at people’s houses and blackmails by some means or the other in case of being caught. She said that the video has been made viral to blackmail her.

The minister said that she will file a complaint with the cybercrime cell against whoever uploaded this video. She then called for an investigation against the one who has uploaded the video on social media. 


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