Nothing left for Imran Khan in Pakistani politics, says Sindh govt on London trip

  • Those still aligned with PTI must put Pakistan first: Sindh governor.
  • I’m not a “laadla”, says Tessori in apparent reference to Imran Khan.
  • Kamran Tessori “has no plans” to meet Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain. 

LONDON: Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori has said that he doesn’t see any place in Pakistani politics for former prime minister Imran Khan after orchestrating 9 May violent attacks on Pakistan Army installations.

Speaking to the media in London, Tessori said that the events of 9th May — involving Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) attacks on Jinnah House and other military areas — had jolted Pakistan and set a new course. The governor said that 9th May was similar to the Peshawar Army Public School attacks and both events had united the nation against terrorism.

Tessori, who is in London on a private family visit, said: “The elements involved in the 9 May attacks are left behind and the nation has come on one page. No decent and civilised society allows the destruction and arson of its important national places such as the residence of Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah, mosques and core headquarters; people don’t burn their police stations in the world, these people burnt down their Core headquarters and attempted attacks on military installations. After all of this, I think there is nothing left for Imran Khan in Pakistani politics.”

The Sindh governor also advised those still part of the PTI to, “Think of Pakistan first and then the leader. The nation comes first, no harm in following any leader but not at the cost of Pakistan.”

He also accentuated that he had the opportunity of working closely with former prime minister Shehbaz Sharif and found that he was very hard-working and well-meaning and always listened to the grievances of others and tried to resolve their problems. “Imran Khan only made others listen to him and never tried to listen to others”, the Tessori noted.

Expressing his views on the prospects of political meetings in London, the governor apprised that he had no plans of meeting Nawaz Sharif as nothing is planned but he said he will be calling Shehbaz Sharif, who is also in London these days.

Furthermore, Tessori said there is no chance of him meeting the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain. He said, “Altaf Hussain’s issue is not political; his real issue is with the state of Pakistan. I am convinced he has no future in Pakistani politics. One of the main reasons is the deprivation of Karachi’s plight including its education, gas, electricity, and development. Those who claimed to be its owners didn’t look after it. Karachi has remained deprived for several decades and all stakeholders are responsible.”

Berating the PTI supremo and former prime minister, the governor said: “Imran Khan used to claim that Karachi belongs to him but under his rule, absolutely nothing was done for Karachi. He neglected Karachi and further marginalised Karachi. All these people proclaim love for Karachi but nothing for it.”

Tessori also stressed that it was wrong to accuse him of being a “laadla” of the establishment. He said he believed in bringing everyone together for unity and development.

“I am not a Laadla. Those who are Laadlas do what Imran Khan did. If someone is treated as Laadla then he should focus on development work and not become a Laadla and then show attitude and arrogance. New people should learn from the good and bad experiences of their predecessors.”

When asked about the hostility he faced from General (retd) Faiz, who had ordered several inquiries into him and hounded him, during the PTI govt, the Sindh Governor said: “I have left my matter with Allah and will not go further. Allah has given me the place of honour. I wish him good luck.”

Tessori also highlighted that his total focus was on providing relief to poor people, giving free education and giving hope and opportunities to the common people. He welcomed that Saudis and UAE were making big investments in Pakistan and this is the best time to invest in Pakistan.

Thumbnail image: Radio Pakistan/AFP


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