Nicole Kidman feels ‘super grateful’ of husband Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman married Keith Urban following her divorce from Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise in 2006

Nicole Kidman feels ‘super grateful’ of husband Keith Urban
Nicole Kidman feels ‘super grateful’ of husband Keith Urban 

Nicole Kidman is grateful of her having her husband, Keith Urban, in her life following her painful separation from ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

Urban, who the Hollywood star believes saved her post her divorce from Cruise, makes her feel “loved” everyday even though they have been married for 17 years now.

Speaking with Life & Style, an insider said, “She’s super grateful to have found him,” adding, “Nicole wanted to share her life with someone, and Keith makes her feel loved every day.”

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This comes after an insider told Star Magazine that Kidman “believes Keith essentially saved her from a life of loneliness.”

“By the time she got out of that relationship, she was miserable,” the insider added. “Keith gave her a reason to believe in love again.”

Kidman recently opened up about her divorce from Cruise for Dave Karger’s book, 50 Oscar Nights, while reflecting on her 2003 Academy Award win for The Hours.

The actor acknowledged that the memory is bittersweet because, during that period, she was still recovering from the divorce that concluded in early 2001 after their marriage from 1990.

She said, “I was struggling with things in my personal life, yet my professional life was going so well,” adding, “That’s what happens, right?”


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