Netflix ‘The Crown’ invites trouble over for Diana & Dodi’s love

Netflix ‘The Crown’ dropped its final season on November 16 and featured Princess Diana’s budding roamance

Netflix series The Crown has once again sparked fury by “fabricating” Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed’s love story.

The criticism comes after the Royal drama depicted that the Egyptian businessman Al-Fayed pushed his son to date the late princess in order to acquire British citizenship.

The opening episodes of The Crown show Al-Fayed, played by Salim Dau, introducing Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) and Dodi (Khalid Abdalla) on his yacht in the Mediterranean.

It goes on to show that Al-Fayed asks a maid to tell him if Dodi and Diana are sharing a bed. On getting confirmation, he orders an Italian photographer to take their intimate pictures, in a private clinch on Jonikal.

The allegation was refuted by Michael Cole, Al-Fayed’s former spokesperson, who told the Deadline that his late boss’ involvement in the relationship was “total nonsense.”

“He was delighted that his eldest son and his family’s dear friend Diana were together. But making two people fall in love with each other? That was beyond even his great talents,” Cole clarified.


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