Meghan Markle’s finances for California lifestyle sparks massive frenzy

Experts have started to question Meghan Markle’s finances in a candid piece after witnessing the sales boost her seemingly indirect NuCalm disc (stress patch) provided.

Claims and admissions about Meghan’s finances have been brought to light in response to the NuCalm disc’s (stress patch) paparazzi pictures.

All these claims in question have been referenced by authors Bethan Holt and David Cox.

They broke everything down in their piece for The Telegraph.

In it, she wrote, “This coincidental timing comes just as speculation mounts about how the Sussexes will continue to fund their Californian lifestyle.”

Stepping into the possibilities offered by the world of paid ambassadorships could be a lucrative option for the couple.

Not to mention, “If she does bring back the site [The Tig], she could earn significant sums through partnerships and sales.”

“However, before she makes herself the poster woman for luxe arm discs, it may be advisable to collaborate with a company which offers more scientific proof than headlines such as ‘change your mental state with no drugs’.”

Especially since, according to neurologist Guy Leschziner, “It doesn’t look like they’ve actually proven anything” and “they may well prove us all wrong, but the burden of proof is on them.”


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