Meghan Markle ‘powerful new friends’ will break her ‘silence’

Meghan Markle has nurtured new friendships amid her blockage from various Hollywood celebrities.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is no longer friends with A-listers like David Beckham and Katy Perry, has found new influential people who could push her up the career ladder.

A showbiz PR expert tells the Mail on Sunday: “Meghan has been uncharacteristically quiet in the public domain. But she has powerful new friends, so don’t expect the silence to last long.”

Some of Meghan’s new friends include Ellen DeGeneres, celebrity hairdresser Amanda Leone and Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel.

The Duchess also ended her friendship with Victoria Beckham, whom she reportedly accused of leaking her stories.

A source at the time told The Sun: “Inexplicably, [Meghan] feared Victoria was behind it — I mean, the idea that Victoria Beckham would be personally ringing journalists to give them a scoop is ridiculous — and spoke to Harry about it.

The comments comes after Meghan Markle’s unusual silence this year as she takes a back seat for Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare.’


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