Meghan Markle bashed for her ‘latest crime’

Meghan Markle has just received a vast amount of support from experts who believe the hate against her is unjustified.

Claims in defense of the Duchess of Sussex have been shared by author Lucy Morgan.

She broke it all down in her piece for Glamour Magazine UK.

In this piece she touched on the hate Meghan’s been dealt since her marriage to Prince Harry.

So much so that she asked, “What did Meghan Markle ever do to you?”

This is because “I often wonder as I scroll through social media, soaking up the increasingly ludicrous Markle-hate that flourishes online.”

In the middle of the piece Morgan weighed in on the shocking nature of hate comments Meghan faces for simply ‘dancing’ at a concert.

She also said, “The Duchess of Sussex is often in the British public’s bad books, whether she’s cradling her baby bump (apparently no other pregnant woman has ever done this) or speaking up against racism in the monarchy.”

But “her latest crime? Dancing at a Beyoncé concert – no, seriously,” she also added before signing off.

For those unversed these statements have been made after the Duchess was accused of ‘faking’ and ‘wanting to sell an image’ during the Beyonce concert that featurd a number of A-listers. 


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