Manish Malhotra to make biopic on ‘Meena Kumari’ with Kriti Sanon

Manish Malhotra's ambitious project on Meena Kumari is currently in the scripting process
Manish Malhotra’s ambitious project on Meena Kumari is currently in the scripting process

Bollywood’s ace designer Manish Malhotra will reportedly make a biopic on the great Meena Kumari with India’s top actress Kriti Sanon.

Manish recently opened up about his ambitious project and revealed that the film is currently in the scripting stage.

famous designer told film partner: “I don’t know how it turned out, but it is happening. We are still working on the script. Script is always important. I have been reading his books. This film is based on his books. I have always been attracted to Meena Kumari.

Manish, 56, admitted that veteran actress Rekha inspired him to make a biopic on the life of Meena Kumari.

He said, “Rekha once told me that when you turn 40, you will realize Meena Kumari’s talent. And it’s true. But I was young and I was busy with work but when I turned 40 I realized the talent of not only Meena Kumari but also Nargis ji and Dilip Kumar and Guru Dutt.

“I started watching that cinema and understanding it better. I think Meena Kumari is amazing in her expression, the way she uses her eyes and her demeanor.”

According to india today, Manish Malhotra is soon going to make his directorial debut under the banner of Dharma Productions.


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