Madonna will not bind herself with marriage again: ‘She’s a shrewd cookie’

Madonna will not legally bind herself to a man again after two failed marriages with Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn, confirmed her longtime friend.

In a conversation with Daily Mail, the Material Girl hitmaker’s pal and video director Ed Steinberg confirmed that the Queen of Pop will not walk down the aisle again.

Speaking of the singer’s dedication to her work, Steinberg also weighed in on her “isolated life” while the popstar is busing in rehearsing for her upcoming The Celebration Tour after suffering deadly bacterial infection.

Steinberg, who directed Madonna’s debut music video for Everybody in 1982, said she “does not need a man or woman to complete her.”

“She’s old, had a couple of kids and is still touring and it is amazing,” he said referring to the singer’s six kids. “Madonna is on a mission. The mission takes up 24 hours of your day.”

“Madonna is not just a pop star, but a cultural and music icon. She represented for young women a freedom on how to dress, how to act sexually and socially and financially,” he added. “She is a shrewd cookie.”

Steinberg said Madonna cannot take a “back seat” at this point in her career while noting that superstars like Madonna tend to have a “tough life,” alluding that it is hard for such people to focus on marriages.

“She’s an A plus, plus, plus personality,” he continued. “She cannot take a back seat. Obviously her two marriages didn’t work out, but she will never be short of attention from men or love.”

“I think she is someone who can go through men for her whole life, because she is the boss. Not everyone needs to be married. People like Madonna do not experience traditional love.

“Being a mum is the focus of her emotional energy. She does not need a man or woman to complete her,” he said then jokingly added, “She does not need some mere mortal to be their partner.”

“Sure she could marry a passive man to have an easy life. But I can’t see it, but maybe that would work for her,” the music director said.

“But at the forefront of her mind is what do I have to get done? What do I have to do to be successful and achieve this goal?’” he noted. “And spending traditional time with a boyfriend or husband takes away from that.”

“I always felt that she wanted to be a princess of sorts. Superstars like her have a tough life. How do you have a mate when you have that life?”


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