King Charles will not let Harry and Meghan turn his birthday into ‘funeral’

King Charles did not send any invitation to his son Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle due to fears they would turn his “birthday celebration” into a “funeral.”

Last week, it was reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has declined an invitation to His Majesty’s 75th birthday party.

However, they later issued an official statement, revealing that they never got an invite in the first place let alone reject it while also bashing the publication for publishing fake news.

Commenting on the matter, Daily Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden penned for Palace Confidential newsletter, pointing out the reason behind Charles’ snubbing Harry and Meghan.

Before disclosing it, he pointed out how different Charles’ relationship was with Harry and Meghan in 2018 when they delayed their honeymoon in respect of Charles’ 70th birthday garden party.

“Their delay was seen as a gesture of thanks by Meghan to her new father-in-law, who walked her up the aisle at St George’s Chapel, in the absence of her own father, Thomas Markle,” he wrote.

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“When King Charles turns 75 next Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will, however, be 5,000 miles away in California, and his milestone birthday has already been the subject of a public row.

“This week, a spokesman for Harry and Meghan made a point of denying a line buried in a Sunday Times story that he had been invited to a party to celebrate his father’s birthday and that he had rejected the invitation.

“The couple had had ‘no contact’ from Buckingham Palace about an invitation, their spokesman insisted,” the expert added. “What’s clear is that relations between the King and his younger son are worse than ever.”

He mentioned that Prince Harry “feels no need” to try to “mend fences” with Charles, while “the King does not want to be with him on his birthday.”

“Frankly, who can blame him? The presence of Harry and Meghan at any family gathering now would make it feel like more of a funeral than a celebration,” he penned.


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