King Charles ‘anger’ is matter of concern in Palace: ‘He can get very cross’

King Charles anger is matter of concern in Palace: He can get very cross

King Charles alleged anger is a matter of usual concern for Palace aides, says an expert.

His Majesty, who is seemingly a hard man to please, gets his staff worried due to his short temper.

Royal author Robert Hardman reveals: “Now, people are worried about upsetting the King.

“They know he can get very cross about quite minor things and they have yet to find out how he will react in certain situations. At the same time, they know that Queen Camilla is a strong voice of common sense in that regard.”

Meanwhile, the King’s friend, Lord Chartres, added: “That’s one of the reasons why Queen Camilla is so marvellous. She can be robust in her views and that allows him to relax.

“When things go wrong and you have to keep being nice, you need an intimate who can talk you down,” he noted.


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