Kim Kardashian reminisces over ‘all the funny skits’ she did with James Corden

Kim Kardashian posted the skits she did with James Corden for The Late Late Show
Kim Kardashian posted the skits she did with James Corden for ‘The Late Late Show’

Kim Kardashian is taking a look back at all the hilarious skits she has pulled over for The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Taking to her Instagram handle, The Kardashians star posted videos of two of her skits for The Late Late Show, alongside which she wrote, “Looking back at all of the funny skits, @j_corden, and I have done and wanted to post them.”

In her throwback post, the first video features the hilarious House of the Dragon skit where Corden played a Targashian king, wearing the king’s costume and an icy-white colored wig, just like the stars in the hit HBO show do.

In the skit, he becomes king, he announces that his reign will be of “peace and prosperity” and decides to pardon his most “grievous of enemies, Grayson Lannister.” 

Just then, Kim enters the council room and tells her “big bro” that she has the head of the same Grayson Lannister. To which he says in frustration that he’d “just” pardoned him and she interjects hilariously, saying, “But why?! “he’s so uninteresting. He added nothing to this kingdom.”

In the second skit, Corden asks to be Kim’s actual assistant for a day and takes her to get gummies. 


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