Kim Kardashian leaves fans worried with VERY tiny waist

Fans are worried and think Kim is appearing more and more skinny in her new posts
Fans are worried and think Kim is appearing more and more skinny in her new posts 

Kim Kardashian recently posted a photo on Instagram showcasing her new jeans, which were customized by her four children. While the post was intended to highlight the personalized artwork on the jeans, some fans expressed concern over Kim’s appearance, particularly her slender waist.

In the photo, Kim is seen wearing a white crop top and distressed jeans, with close-up shots of the drawings her children made on the garment. However, some followers were more focused on the fit of the jeans and commented on her apparent weight loss.

One worried fan wrote: “How do you have a tinier and tinier waist in every post? You’re going to disappear soon! How do you manage to never eat? Serious question tho bc I know a lot of people are wondering.”

Another person wrote: “The waist..not realistic for any average female.”

While another put: “We get it Kim, you’re super skinny again.”

“That’s the waist of a preteen” proclaimed a fourth follower.

With another adding: “Too skinny Kim. What you’re doing is dangerous.”

However, Kim later reassured her concerned fans as she showed off her healthy gym-honed frame in a new selfie.

However, The Kardashians star later reassured fans with a photo featuring her personal trainer, in which she flaunted her gym-honed slender figure. In the photo, she was seen wearing a gym top and matching skintight legging as she pouted for the camera.


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