Kieran Culkin reveals unbelievable truth about ‘Succession’

Kieran Culkin says he has not watched the finale of ‘Succession’ due to an error within his HBO account

Kieran Culkin reveals unbelievable truth about Succession
Kieran Culkin reveals unbelievable truth about ‘Succession’

Kieran Culkin is having a gala in the award season as he won multiple trophies for Succession. But, the Home Alone actor revealed one shocking truth about the hit show: he has still not watched the explosive finale.

Spilling the beans to Variety, the Father of the Bride actor shared, “I haven’t seen it yet. It was a thing, I had to go work in Poland right as it was gonna air, and I couldn’t sign into my HBO Max account.”

On the question of requesting the network to send over the episode, Kieran responded, “I probably could have, but I was also shooting, and it went from that to like a month-long vacation, and at that point, it was three months old.”

He continued, “I was there, I shot it, so I vaguely recall. Although, I saw a clip of a scene yesterday and I was laughing, ‘Oh, that’s funny, I forgot about that scene,’ and it’s a huge scene.”

In the meantime, the 41-year-old scooped up the prestigious Emmy award for playing Roman in the critically acclaimed HBO series.

“Thank you for sharing your life with me and for giving me two amazing kids,” he said in the acceptance speech as he pointed to his wife, saying, “And, Jazz, I want more. You said, maybe, if I win.”


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