Kate Middleton’s new health details laid bare

Future King Prince William is also worried about his wife Kate Middleton after abdominal surgery

Kate Middleton’s new health details laid bare

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton is currently recuperating at hospital following her abdominal surgery earlier this month.

Now, royal experts have revealed new details about Kate Middleton’s health during a discussion on Spanish channel Telecinco’s new episode of Fiesta.

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Speaking to host Emma García, the journalists claimed: “The truth, we will never know unless the recovery does not progress as it should, because they will have no choice.”

They further said Kate Middleton’s life was in ‘great danger’.

“The concern at the Royal House was palpable. The postoperative process became complicated, and her life had to be saved”, they said according to Marca.

The fresh claims came after reports Prince William is ‘concerned’ about Kate Middleton following her surgery.

Kate Middleton, the mother of three, was admitted to the hospital earlier this month for a planned abdominal surgery.

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The palace said, “The surgery was successful, and she is expected to remain in the hospital for ten to fourteen days before returning home to continue her recovery. 

“According to current medical advice, it is unlikely that she will return to her public duties until after Easter.”


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