Kanye West’s new life with wife Bianca Sensori: Ice Cube reveals the truth

Kanye West's new life with wife Bianca Sensori: Ice Cube reveals the truth

Ice Cube has revealed the truth about his new life with friend Kanye West’s wife Bianca Sensori in a conversation with Piers Morgan, saying the rapper is ‘in good shape’.

Ice Cube claimed that the 45-year-old gold digger rapper is doing well and is enjoying his new married life with his partner.

Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband has been spotted on several trips with Bianca recently, including Japan, and her fellow musician has claimed the star is in a “good place”.

West was heavily criticized for a number of comments, including several hateful anti-Semitic statements and erratic tweets that caused ex-wife Kim to cry.

Speaking of his current location, Ice Cube told Morgan that he “hopes” he “comes out on the other side”.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter also shared her experience interviewing Yeh and questioned rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube’s relationship with her.

Pierce said, “The last rapper I interviewed in this same studio was yeh, Kanye West. You’ve had a bad relationship with him, you’re back on track. You actually saw him a few days ago …” talkTV show.

Ice Cube responded by saying: “Yeah, a couple weeks ago. I mean we were always good. He just… he said my name without saying what he meant and I really can’t leave that statement without Could… He never clarified what he meant and so I had to rebut him, but we’ve talked since then, and I think you understand that generalizing is always more likely than you need to be very specific. Will put in hot water…”

West’s friend continued: “I believe he is doing very well. He is still dealing with some people who are trying to get hold of his money, but for the most part my Believe he is in a good place. I think he has learned a lot from last year and hopefully he comes out better on the other side.”

In response to a question about some of Ye’s most outrageous outbursts, Ice Cube replied to Morgan: “I thought if he was really upset with specific people, the message he was saying was hijacking that thing. Will take what he was really upset about and that’s what happened.

Defending West, Ice Cube said: “You can’t just generalize, you have to be specific. Especially if you’re talking about anybody, people of any race, you have to be specific.” Gotta be who you’re really talking about.”


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