Kanye West’s live stream goes blank due to ‘controversial’ rap

Kanye West debuted his new tracks during a listening party at the United Centre in Chicago

Kanye Wests live stream goes blank due to controversial rap
Kanye West’s live stream goes blank due to ‘controversial’ rap

Kanye West’s live stream of Vultures album was cut short for a while after he used a “controversial” word during rapping.

Wearing an all-black ensemble and a Jason Voorhees mask, the 46-year-old rapper debuted his new tracks for during a listening party on Thursday, at the United Centre in Chicago.

The stream was immediately interrupted after he rapped. “And I’m still crazy, bipolar, antisemite / And I’m still the king.”

As soon as Kanye said “king,” the screen turned black and silent.

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Nevertheless, the broadcast ultimately continued, providing fans with the opportunity to witness cameos from Kanye’s partner Ty Dolla $ign and his 10-year-old daughter North West.

Just days before the virtual gig, the Grammy winner shared that he was having trouble booking concert arenas, and apparently suggested it was because of his “anti-Semitic rants.”

Earlier this week, Daily Mail reported that Kanye shared a video and a text post where he revealed that he had been having a difficult time booking venues, saying, “And you know why that is.”


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