Kanye West told to seek ‘counselling’ after explosive paparazzi run-in

Kanye West recently lashed out at a paparazzi inquiring him about Bianca Censori’s ‘free will’

Kanye West has been asked to seek anger management after he lashed out at a paparazzi, who asked him about his wife, Bianca Censori, having any “free will.”

Following the headline-making incident, a celebrity manager, Mayah Riaz, told The Mirror that the controversial rapper, who now goes by Ye, should issue a public apology.

Noting how hard would it become for the rapper to collaborate with any media publication after the incident, she urged his team to convince him to seek anger management or counselling.

“If I was handling his PR, my priority would be for damage control,” Riaz told said, adding, “not only is snatching a phone from a reporter and publicly patronising her inappropriate behaviour, but it also reflects poorly on Kanye’s personal brand and public image.”

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“Kanye is already known for his controversial and unpredictable actions, but this incident may further reinforce negative perceptions of him,” she predicted.

She said TMZ or any members of the press are unlikely to work with Kanye, explaining, “This incident could make some media outlets and reporters hesitant to work with him.”

“If reporters feel that they may be subjected to such behaviour or fear backlash from covering Kanye, they may be less inclined to engage with him, which from some outlets could result in diminished press opportunities,” the expert said.

She said Kanye’s team’s utmost priority should be to encourage him to “seek counselling or anger management,” saying, “By doing this, it could help mitigate the negative impact on his personal brand.”

“Moving forward, it would be crucial for Kanye to maintain a more composed and respectful demeanour in public.”


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