K-pop group Twice reveals how they differ from their debut

What changed for Jihyo was how Twice could now portray different styles of music.
What changed for Jihyo was how Twice could now portray different styles of music.

K-pop group Twice gave an interview to USA TODAY where they revealed how they’ve changed since their debut and what their major achievements have been since then. The members have just finished their North American tour.

They made history by becoming the first K-pop girl group to perform at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium as well as Los Angeles’s SoFi Stadium. He explained that the tour is allowing him to explore new sides of himself. “We have a live band for the first time. We have solo songs for the first time when we are used to working in units.

What changed for Jihyo was how he could now portray different styles. “Since debuting, we have been trying many different styles. We are able to create many different performances and stages. we can touch. We can be great. We can be cute. We can do a lot of these things.”

For Nayeon, this is his ambition. “As we get more experience, I feel more ambitious, the more responsibility I feel has fallen on my shoulders.”

Jeongyeon claimed that the larger stadiums allowed him to see how far he had come. “As we become the older generation of K-pop girl groups, we are able to perform in bigger and bigger stadiums. From that, we are able to recognize and see how much we have grown.

For Momo, it is: “Initially when we had our first concert, we were more nervous. These days, we’re able to hang out more freely and show off to fans even more.

For Dahyun, it’s his ability to speak his mind in his music. “Nowadays, we’re able to participate more in concerts, albums, even write our own songs, and even discuss concepts about costume, hair, and makeup.”


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