Jeremy Vine ‘urged to disguise’ following BBC sex pictures scandal

BBC host Jeremy Vine.  - Sky News/Screengrab
BBC host Jeremy Vine. – Sky News/Screengrab

Jeremy Vine reveals his wife urged him to hide after he was falsely implicated BBC The sex pictures scandal came to light on Wednesday.

fearing for your safety BBC Reportedly, the host said that when he went to a Bruce Springsteen concert over the weekend, his wife Rachel asked him to wear a baseball cap and said: “You better wear that.” daily Mail.

The development took place after Twitter trolls falsely claimed that Vine was BBC who present Sun Claims a teenager was paid £35,000 for sexually explicit images.

Vine calls out on Twitter BBC The presenter involved in the scam will have to come out publicly.

“These new allegations will result in even more adverse impact on his absolutely innocent colleagues. And this BBCWhich I am sure he loves, is on his knees with it,” he said.

He faced a backlash from rival broadcaster Susanna Reid for urging the unknown BBC The presenter has to come forward.

He added, “We now have a very high-profile presenter, Jeremy Vine, who is pressuring an unnamed presenter to come forward, which I think is a strange move for another presenter.” good morning uk TV show.

Vine has revealed the anonymous presenter at the center of its BBC The fiasco “needs to come forward” and added that “the longer he leaves it, the worse it is for him”.

Initial Allegations, First Reported Sunday On Friday, the presenter paid a young man for candid photographs taken when he was 17.

The newspaper quoted a mother as saying that her child, now 20, had used the money paid for candid photos to fund a crack cocaine addiction, and she was worried they would “die”. Can”.

A lawyer for the youth has since said the allegations were “nonsense” but the family stood by their stand.

Sunday declined a request of BBC News for an interview with a representative, and did not answer several questions about the story, including what evidence it had seen for the claims.

The presenter is not being named due to concerns of defamation and breach of her confidentiality.


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