Islamabad judge’s 14-year-old domestic help admitted to hospital after alleged torture
  • The parents allege that the wife of Judge Asim Hafeez beat their daughter with a bat.
  • Explain that the judge’s family had accused the child of stealing jewellery.
  • Police say that the child had an injury on his head, which had worms.

Islamabad/Sargodha: In a harrowing case, a 14-year-old girl working as a domestic help at a civil judge’s house has been hospitalized with serious injuries and the family has accused judge Asim Hafeez’s wife of torturing the child.

According to the victim’s parents, they had sent their daughter to the judge’s house as a domestic help seven months ago through a person named Mukhtar.

He alleged that the judge’s wife had subjected his daughter to severe torture and the girl had marks of torture all over her body. He said the judge’s wife had accused the girl of stealing jewelery and thrashed her with a “bat”.

The parents said that once their daughter’s condition worsened, the judge’s wife left the child in “critical condition” with her mother in Sargodha. The parents first took the girl to the District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ) Sargodha and later shifted to the General Hospital in Lahore due to her critical condition.

The hospital administration confirmed that the child is being treated at the hospital. He told that he was shifted due to a head injury.

Preliminary medical report confirms 15 injuries to the child

On the other hand, Sargodha District Police Officer Kamran Faisal told geo news According to the initial medical report, the child has 15 injuries, including on the head. Apart from these injuries, some internal organs of the child were also affected, he said.

The girl’s head injury is considered the most serious, according to the DPO, “due to lack of timely medical attention, her wounds got infected with worms.”

Meanwhile, SP City Sargodha said that the person who sent the girl for employment has been arrested and assured that action will be taken as per law.

On the other hand, the spokesman of Islamabad Police said geo news Till now no one has requested action, investigation will be started as soon as request is received.

Judge confirms child was hired but denies torture

Asim Hafeez, a civil judge working at the Federal Judicial Academy in Islamabad, confirmed that he hired the 14-year-old as a domestic help and she had been working at his home since December last year.

He claimed that the girl had “eaten sand” from plant pots at his residence, due to which her skin was “damaged”. The judge said he got the girl treated by a doctor in Gujranwala who gave her medicine.

“She would scratch the wound after the girl’s skin had improved,” he also claimed.

Regarding the wound on her head, Hafeez claimed that when they told the girl that they would drop the child back to her home, she hit her head against the wall.

“The girl used to keep a scarf on her head and she never complained about the injury on her head. I am against physical abuse and incidents of torture have never happened before me,” claimed the judge. He said that his wife complained about the girl not working and then he asked her to drop the child at his home.

Hafeez claimed that my wife along with the driver dropped the child at her home in Sargodha, he claimed that as soon as he dropped the child, his mother started beating the child in front of his wife. He also claimed that the girl used to complain about him not going home as she was afraid that her parents would beat her.

On the allegation of theft of jewellery, the judge said that his wife had complained to him about not getting the jewellery, but he did not accuse the child of theft.


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