Is Simon Cowell leaving ‘Britain’s Got Talent’?

An insider provided an update after Simon Cowell took a break from the show due to ‘a migraine’

Is Simon Cowell leaving Britains Got Talent?
Is Simon Cowell leaving ‘Britain’s Got Talent’?

After Simon Cowell had to take a break from Britain’s Got Talent due to health issues, an insider has revealed more details regarding his break.

The update comes two weeks after the famous judge left filming early around 9pm due to a migraine.

Now, an insider told the outlet that the 64 year-old TV personality is in “fantastic health” and still working.

“He was back filming the next morning and for the rest of the week and began filming in Manchester today,” they revealed.

The tipster continued: “He occasionally gets migraines from being under the bright filming lights for long stretches. His tinted glasses help a lot however, unfortunately he’s been prone to migraines and the filming lights are particularly bright.”

Moreover, the insider debunked rumors of Simon “exiting the show” and branded such speculations as “maliciously exaggerated” and “complete nonsense.”

“He’s in fantastic health, better than ever and great fitness too, is biking and walking a lot every day and has started reformer Pilates for strengthening his back,” they concluded.


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