Is Adele secretly married to long-time boyfriend Rich Paul?

Is Adele secretly married to long-time boyfriend Rich Paul?

Adele has hinted that she has taken the next step towards making a family by possibly marrying her long-time boyfriend, Rich Paul.

During her latest Las Vegas gig, the pop star was doing her usual antics of going around the audience and interviewing them on the spot, Oprah-style.

However, TMZ reports that when a female expressed her love for the songstress, she asked if she could marry her. Adele replied, “I am already hitched.”

Adele continued, “I am straight, and my ‘HUSBAND’ is in the audience and might not appreciate another woman proposing to her.”

As per the publication, it is unclear if it was a slip of the tongue or a reality, as the acclaimed singer did not mention Paul’s name, but he is the only guy Adele has been dating since 2021.

Adele has always hailed her boyfriend since she started dating the famous football agent and has also expressed, “I am happiest I have ever been with Paul.”

This is not the first time Adele has sparked marriage rumours with Paul; in September 2022, some of her eagle-eyed fans noticed a book at her home titled The Pauls.

Adele has since not addressed the speculations, and it appears that she is still not interested in officially announcing her marriage, and putting an end to the speculations. 


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