Giant Maine Coon cat captivates social media with impressive size

A remarkable cat has become a sensation on social media due to its impressive size. Owned by Yulina Minina of Stary Oskol town in Russia’s Belgorod region, this feline has captured attention with its extraordinary proportions. 

Minina regularly shares videos of her colossal cat on Instagram, emphasizing that the cat is as large as her four-year-old daughter, Anechka. 

In a recent video, the cat showcases its abilities by standing on its hind legs and even reaching for a door handle. Minina affectionately named the cat Kefir and revealed it to be a Maine Coon, a breed renowned for its substantial size among domestic cats.

In the featured video, Kefir adroitly opens the door, steps outside, and extends its lengthy limbs to bask in the sunlight before leisurely exploring the garden. 

Additional clips and photos depict heartwarming moments of Ms Minina, her daughter, and Kefir spending quality time together within the home. A particularly endearing scene showcases the inseparable duo lounging on the sofa, with the young girl engrossed in cartoons.

Social media users have been quick to shower praise on the unique feline. One commenter expressed, “Beautiful, beautiful baby. Wow! Our pets are better than many people. 

They deserve our love and deep care. Pretty baby, I will say prayers to keep you in God’s care.” Another playful comment quipped, “That cat eats better than a 4-year-old Ukrainian girl.” A third user simply stated, “I’m in love with this guy.”

Originating from the US state of Maine, Maine Coons are domesticated cats with a rich history. Their impressive size is one of their defining characteristics, and they rank as one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. 

The Maine government’s official website highlights the breed’s adaptations to harsh climates, evident in features like their heavy, water-resistant coats and long, bushy tails that they wrap around themselves for warmth during cold winters.


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