Former CJP Jilani to be honored with Human Rights Award in America

Former CJP Tassaduq Hussain Jilani.  - World Justice Project
Former CJP Tassaduq Hussain Jilani. – World Justice Project

Former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jilani, is set to receive the 2023 ABA International Human Rights Award, a statement from the American Bar Association (ABA) announced recently.

The jurist has been selected for the award in recognition of “his courageous decisions against political impunity and defense of judicial independence in times of crisis” in Pakistan.

The award will be presented on 5 August at the ABA Annual Meeting in Denver, USA.

in conversation with, Judge – who called “Justice for All!” The song was written. – This accolade has been characterized as an “endorsement” for the work he has done throughout his career.

“To me this award is an affirmation of what I have stood for throughout my career. It is an affirmation of what I believe to be true and just and an affirmation of [my] He believes that people should follow the Constitution and its values.”

Known to be a “balanced” judge, Justice Jilani delivered very important judgments on domestic and international concerns.

These include enforcement of fundamental rights, gender equality, declaring right to education as a fundamental right, in an era of global interdependence, should dual nationality be allowed, lay down guidelines for qualitative improvement in legal and medical education in both the Lahore High Court and the apex court.

However, perhaps, the two judgments that brought him to the fore were the right of an adult woman to marry a man of her choice in Islam and his landmark judgment on minority rights in 2014, when he took suo moto cognizance of the safety of minorities following a blast at a church in Peshawar that claimed 81 lives.

When asked what inspired him to work for the promotion of justice, the former CJP, who comes from a family of civil servants, said, “Justice has been a major part of my life. Throughout my life and youth, [I was] Involved in law, defending and fighting for the rule of law [people’s] Right.

Our constitution provides inherent rights to the people; That’s how I trained in law and promoted it through [my] Decision.”

Referring to his two key decisions, he said, “Whenever I get a chance to speak, I would like to promote the values ​​I hold dear.”

Regarding his decision on minority rights, which came just a month before his retirement, an ABA press release stated: “His decision not only resolves the thorny question of a potential conflict between Islamic and democratic ideals, but also provides a way forward for a country that is committed to upholding Islamic values ​​but can still give a voice to its marginalized communities.”

The respected judge reflected on the question of the youth getting increasingly radicalized in the country and said: “The world [today] There is a globalized interdependent space. It is growing with the values ​​we should live by, including democracy, freedom, rule of law, human rights and truth.

keeping the concept of ijtihad In mind, we can share the concept of ‘enlightened Islam’,” he said, adding that we can strike a balance in economic and social relations.

Honorary Chair of the World Justice Project, the former apex court judge has received several accolades for his efforts in ensuring justice and the provision of fundamental human rights to all.

This includes:

  • the “Key to the City of Detroit (Michigan)” by the mayor in a ceremony;
  • J. 2020 J. Clifford Wallace Award presented by the Reuben Clark Law Society (JRCLS);
  • International Justice Excellence Award by International Institute for Justice Excellence (IIJE) in 2019;
  • “Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters” at a special convocation ceremony held at Southern Virginia University, Washington, on October 12, 2007;
  • ABA ‘2008 Rule of Law Award’ from judges of Pakistan who have displayed courage in upholding the ‘rule of law’ in the country;
  • The Hague Conference has appointed him as Co-Chair of the Working Group on Arbitration in International Family Law;
  • ‘Justice for All’ (theme song sung on the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Pakistan) written by Justice Jilani has been declared as the judicial anthem of Pakistan;
  • He was appointed as a member of The Hague International Judicial Network;
  • Prestigious Formanite Award by Forman Christian College University, Lahore in 2011.


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