Fans worry ‘EastEnders’ will end amid “desperate” storyline

EastEnders productions' decision to build a new set has also faced criticism, costing around £87 million.
‘EastEnders’ production’s decision to build a new set has also faced criticism, costing around £87 million

eastenders Fans have expressed fear that the show will be canceled amid the “woke” and depressing storylines. The BBC show used to bring in an impressive 30 million viewers, particularly in episodes focused on Den and Angie Watts’ divorce.

However, the show is now able to bring in barely one million viewers per week. Fans claim that “ridiculous” storylines such as Cindy Biel coming back from the dead are alienating viewers, labeling the plotline “desperate”.

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His decision to build a new set at a cost of around £87 million also faced criticism, despite the fact that he had won four at the British Soap Awards. The Sun claims it is a very “worrying time” for the show, it could be the last time fans get to see new content EastEnders.

“These are worrying times for EastEnders. It used to be the show that everyone talked about but now it is in a precarious state where the older audience is drifting away and the younger audience is not interested in it. Bringing back characters presumed dead is a desperate move that rarely works, but EastEnders really are running out of options. We will be seeing its last years.


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