Evacuation and road closures after bomb threat in Midtown Atlanta

The Breman Museum. roughdraftatlanta.com
The Breman Museum. roughdraftatlanta.com

MIDTOWN ATLANTA: A bomb threat targeting the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta complex and the Breman Museum led to a swift evacuation and the closure of portions of Spring Street. 

The Atlanta Police Department responded to the threat at 1440 Spring Street, taking immediate action to ensure the safety of the area.

Received shortly before 3pm, the bomb threat prompted the evacuation of both the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and the Breman Museum. Officers are actively investigating the incident, having closed off Spring Street between 19th and 17th Streets to thoroughly examine the situation.

The Breman Museum, operating between 11am and 4pm, was evacuated during the security response. The exact number of individuals present inside the building at the time of evacuation remains unknown.

The threat’s impact extended beyond the targeted complex, affecting the Savannah College of Art & Design situated nearby. The road closures caused disruptions to the college campus.

This incident draws unsettling parallels to history, occurring just a block away from the site of a 1958 bombing at the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple.

The Atlanta Police Department swiftly responded to the threat, ensuring the safety of the community. Authorities are actively engaged in managing the situation, assessing the credibility of the threat, and maintaining public safety.

As investigations continue, authorities urge residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities.


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