Elon Musk ‘could be assassinated’, fears tech billionaire’s father Errol Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his father Errol Musk. — Reuters
Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his father Errol Musk. — Reuters

Elon Musk’s father Errol Musk has said that he fears for his son’s life and that he could be assassinated, after threats by super political personalities. 

The 77-year-old Errol Musk questioned a recent New Yorker piece that asserted the influence of the CEO of Tesla on government choices regarding the Ukraine, social media, and electric automobiles.

The paper also emphasised the significance of Starlink satellites from SpaceX in the conflict in Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden had suggested that Musk’s contacts with foreign nations are “worthy of being looked at” after Musk bought Twitter last year.

Reacting to The New Yorker’s piece titled ‘Elon Musk’s Shadow Rule’, Errol told The Sun: “It’s a hit job, a shadow government-sponsored opening salvo on Elon.”

“The artillery-like softening up of the enemy before the actual attack and preparing of the ever-submissive people for the attack,” he added.

When asked whether he feared the “shadow government” could assassinate Elon, he replied: “Yes.”

When Elon Musk paid $44 billion to acquire Twitter in October of last year, he faced a great deal of criticism. On the social networking site, which he just relaunched as X, he has been charged of permitting an increase in hate speech and misinformation.

Dmitry Rogozin, the former head of the Russian space agency, issued a subliminal threat against the richest man in the world in May of last year over the provision of Starlink satellite internet service to Ukraine.

At that time, he had joked about it, saying, “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowing ya.”

But a few months later, Russian President Vladimir Putin sacked Rogozin and replaced him with Yuri Borisov.

A few months ago, several Twitter staff members informed the BBC that Musk always had security following him around. Additionally, they have stated that it is difficult to maintain security as a result of layoffs and other changes made by owner Elon Musk.


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