Dua Lipa sued by music producer Bosko Kante

Dua Lipa sued by music producer Bosko Kante

Music producer Bosko Kante has reportedly taken legal action against pop star Singer Dua Lipa.

Kante, who filed the legal action in Los Angeles on Monday, believes he is entitled to more than $20m in profit from the success of Levitating.

The action claims that the singer had permission to use the talk box on her original recording but not on any remixes. It also alleges Dua used the recording again without permission on future releases including The Blessed Madonna remix and a performance she gave at the American Music Awards.

Kante says he created the ElectroSpit Talk Box, a device worn around the neck that can turn vocal vibrations into instrument-like noises. Billboard reports that Kante’s lawyers say the producer has made ‘numerous attempts’ to resolve the claim, which they say is a ‘blatant infringement’ of his copyright.

His lawyers added that the producer took legal action because Dua showed ‘unwillingness to co-operate or accept responsibility’.


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