Diddy demands accuser to show face in public?

Diddy files a motion against one of the accuser’s request to remain anonymous in the sexual abuse case

Diddy demands accuser to show face in public?
Diddy demands accuser to show face in public?

Diddy is facing multiple sexual abuse cases. But the music producer is demanding a court to not let one of the women accusing him remain behind the veil in the lawsuit proceedings.

Under the seal arguments have been filed in the court, RadarOnline reports. The music mogul’s legal team argued that “Jane Doe” suing him – anonymously – should not be allowed in the court.

Adding, the 54-year-old noted the identity of the plaintiff was revealed to him by her counsel and therefore, the Last Night hitmaker is arguing to dismiss the request of the accuser to remain anonymous.

Meanwhile, Diddy stressed the accuser’s name would not be revealed because he has asked the motion to be sealed.

“It does refer to certain facts about Plaintiff that the Combs Defendants have learned because her identity was disclosed by Plaintiff’s counsel,” the report added.

Nonetheless, four lawsuits are, as of date, brought against Diddy — which started from his ex-Cassie explosive sexual abuse accusations last November.

But, the father-of-seven denied any wrongdoing, saying, “Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged,” he wrote. “I will fight for my name, my family, and my truth.”


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